Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1  What if I want to make a follow-on call ?

To make a follow-on call when you have completed your first call you do not need to hang up.  On completion of the first call you simply press ## to make another call.

Q.2  How long do I have to use the credit on my card/PIN ?

 Your PIN is valid for 24 hours .

Q.3  How long can I make calls for ?

You should be able to make two calls each of three minutes in duration. This is based on making a call from a payphone in most EU countries to most EU mobiles.

Q.4  Can I use my 10 digit PIN to call a mobile phone number ?
Yes, a user can dial any legitimate national or international mobile (or fixed line) number, however please note that calls to mobile phones will be charged at a higher rate than calls to landline numbers in the same country. In addition calls made to mobiles which are answered by voice mail are deemed to have been connected and will be charged for at the appropriate mobile rate for that network. 

Q.5  Can I make calls from my mobile phone with my 10 digit PIN ?
Yes you can, however we don’t recommend it as you will get less minutes than from a payphone or landline. Your mobile provider may charge you international roaming charges even when dialling a Freephone or Local Access Number from your mobile phone.

Q.6  Do I pay more from payphone or mobile ?

Yes, there is a regulated payphone access levy from payphones and may be a mobile access levy frommobile. Generally, it is cheaper to make a call from a payphone rather than a mobile. 

Q.7 Will I get charged if I use my 10 digit PIN from my Hotel room?

Some Hotels do charge for the use of the phone from your hotel room even when dialling a Freephone number. Please check with your hotel before making a call.

Q.8   What happens if I lose or damage my card ?

We accept no liability for lost or stolen PINS.