How to Make a Call

Locate the access number for the country you are in by clicking on the "Access Numbers" tab. This will give you the access number for the number you are calling FROM (i.e. while in Spain, dial the Spanish Freephone Number 800 098 201).

Note: We recommend you use a  Free phone number number from our list- a number that containts "800". A local access is listed where a mobile , payphone or other operator has blocked access to the freephone number. Please note you will get more time if you call from a landline to a landline. It normally costs more when you call from a mobile or a payphone to a mobile phone. 

Please follow these steps

1. Dial the Access number of the country you are in, and wait for the voice prompt

2. Enter the 10 digit PIN that you have

3. Dial your number

  • To proceed with the call: dial 00,country code, city / mobile code* followed IMMEDIATELY by the telephone number.
  • To make a follow on call, do not hang up; press ## button and dial the new number you wish to call.  

*omit the first zero from the city / mobile code (except in Italy).